Blue Tractor Group
Taking Shielded Alpha ETFs™ from the field to the cloud.

You don’t often hear about people creating complex financial algorithms while riding a tractor – but that’s exactly what happened to Blue Tractor CEO Terry Norman when he was working on his family farm outside of London, England. Terry, a longtime veteran of the FinTech industry, had been brainstorming ways to manage active EFT portfolios for years and finally figured it out one day while riding around on his old blue tractor. That day Blue Tractor Group (BTG) was born.

BTG specializes in semi-transparent exchanges of funds. Their signature product, the Shielded Alpha ETF™, allows fund managers to gain the benefit of exchange-traded funds with the perfect balance of transparency and protection. If their IP is the secret sauce, then their cloud operational workflow is the icing on the cake. That’s where we come in.

InfernoRed worked with BTG to create a professionally built, secure cloud infrastructure that is the first of its kind. The leadership wanted a rapid, efficient, low-cost solution built while they awaited their SEC approvals. The InfernoRed team built the user interface for the web from the ground up, delivering updated information to users quickly and intuitively. Processes that use to take days now happen in minutes or seconds - which is just the type of work we love to do.


The IRT team has given 100%. They’ve built our core business and a platform that we have absolute confidence in and that our clients love to work with.

Blue Tractor Group

Our team worked with leaders in the UK and Canada to deliver this first-of-its-kind fintech product used by fund managers around the world.
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